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About the Artist
Larry Potillo

I am a registered member of the art council of the Morris area in NJ. Working with digital art has found me new friends in the art community who has helped me shape my abstracts to my own style. As a part time artist I also work in the music world designing CD covers and posters. I feel that art is as important as speech that communicates feeling or a shared thought.

My art has also lead me to the world of music.

The same as art on a canvas, music is unheard

if no one knows we are out there to entertain your ears

Please take the time and give a listen.

The events of 9/11 inpacted my life and cause me to reevaluate my choice of career. As a result, I began taking computer graphics classes and discovered that I had a talent for creating art. Much of my work can be found in streets exhibits in New York and the yessy art gallery online. I am also registered with the Swiss art portal under American Artist #234. I hope you too can enjoy my work.

Remember 9/11/01

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Larry Potillo

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